Where everything points to dance!
360 Rt. 211 East
Middletown, NY
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15 Years!
2015 National Champs
On September 5th 2001
The Dance Diamond
held its first official dance class.
Why Choose Us?
Our dance classes are designed to  
promote balance, coordination and
confidence for everyone ages 3 - Adult.
We focus on teaching  the art of dance
with an emphasis on technique and fun.
Our dancers gain life skills such as
respect, commitment, following
directions, leadership, public speaking,
discipline and communication in a
friendly, challenging, and
encouraging atmosphere.
Thank you to all the families that have
allowed me the opportunity to share my
gift of dance. It's a rewarding feeling to
know that I have played such a
significant part in so many lives
throughout the years.
I'm lucky, fortunate and truly blessed
for TDD to be celebrating its
15th season.
Winter Dance Registration
February 6th 10am-4pm
February 20th 10am-4pm
It's not to late to begin your journey.
We still have some dance classes open.
Click on our Class Schedule above
Dance Demo & Free Trials on Feb. 20th

Family Fitness Friday's
An hour of fun in this dance fusion class
that will consist of high energy jazz and
hip hop.   Our class aims to help
improve the health and wellness of
families through exercise while creating
an encouraging environment to help
boost self-esteem!
3rd Friday of each month
beginning January 15th
Ages 6 and Up
$5 per dancer
$20 max per family
preregistration and minimum number of
participants required